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Section VI – Management and Organization

Section VI – Management and Organization

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Management and Organization structure is to identify the company culture, ownership, management team, and any advisory or professional support.

Management and Organization

  • Who will manage the business on a day-to-day basis?
  • What experience does that person bring to the business?
  • What special or distinctive competencies do your employees need to have?

Create an organizational chart showing the management hierarchy. Identify who is responsible for vital operational functions. Include title descriptions for key employees.

Professional and Advisory Support

  • Board of directors (BOD) – elected or appointed members who oversee the activities of the company.
  • Management advisory board – an appointed group of advisors that provide advice and feedback to the management of the company. More informal than a BOD.
  • Attorney – A legal advisor to assist with the legal structure, any business contracts, business permitting, or other legal advice.
  • Accountant – A financial advisor to assist with the financial planning, setting up the books and advising on tax matters.
  • Information Technology – Company that could assist you with purchasing, setting up and maintaining a software system, network, or other technology requirements to operate the business.
  • Insurance agent – Agent to assist you with the business insurance requirements.
  • Banker – A local contact at the bank of your choice to assist with account setup and loan processing.
  • Consultant or consultants – Other consultants that you might require in the formation of the company or ongoing operation.
  • Mentors and key advisors – Other individuals that would be key to your success.

Course Curriculum

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